Review- 5 Sites to Tickle Your Fashion Merchandising Fancy

Fashion merchandising takes solid business acumen and knowledge of how to use the right resources to accomplish the greatest amount of tasks in the shortest period of time, so that you can actually have fun on the job. Here is your virtual black book of the best fashion merchandiser sites for luxury retailers.

1. International Fashion Week

The most all-inclusive calendar of fashion shows around the globe, from the big shows in Milan, Paris, New York to the emerging shows that feature up and coming artists, don’t miss out on the action! Fashion Night Out is an annual event that has inserted some nitro into the fashion industry.

2. Maeok

The largest online marketplace for luxury, contemporary labels, commercial fashion buyers and wholesale fashion stockists. Extensive lists of boutique buyers, showrooms, maeok reviews on companies and fashion labels.

3. TheLabelFinder

The largest directory of labels and stores in which to find them. Are you listed here?! Membership ranges from free packages to better product placement.

4. NYC Showroom

The “it list” of the most reputable showrooms in the Big Apple. Many showrooms are starting to develop an online presence through Maeok. La Showroom in California is another showroom to check out.

5. FashionSchools

Top 5 Fashion Schools in the world. Raise eyebrows by getting your training from here!